Simple search monetization

Make money for every search performed on your website, browser extension, or inside your application with the help of our easy-to-integrate and use monetization solution. GET STARTED

How does it work?

1. Implementing a search box

Our designers will create a search bar that will fit your product perfectly. No coding is required, so its implementation is fast, simple, and takes almost no efforts.

2. Users start searching

When your users perform some search, under your type of search implementation, they are redirected to an Internet search engine or stay inside of your product and see the search results there.

3. Your profit

Every time your users perform search and click the ads they are served with in their search results, you earn money based on the revenue share (RPM).

Direct feeds for high RPM

We ensure the top payouts on the market as we work with direct feeds only. Re-brokering is not the way we do our business - all the feeds are obtained from web search engines directly.

The auto optimisation between such search engines as Bing and Yahoo allows you to obtain the highest revenue for every source from any country in the world.

The only way to realize what is real revenue generated by your product is to rid yourself of intermediaries.

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Monetize everything

Our solutions are designed to help you increase your revenue almost for any product:

  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Browser extensions
  • Launchers

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