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How does it work?

1. Product download

Our powerful and fast servers located all over the world ensure the downloading process to be performed in a split second.

Supreme speed

2. Installation

The installation program isn't bulky, so it doesn't require a lot of space and runs fast and smoothly. Users see the installer designed right for your product.


3. Relevant offers

At the installation stage, we offer users to install other relevant products, providing them with the opportunity whether to accept or decline them.

Powered by AI

4. You make a profit

You make money every time your product installation is completed. You get paid according to the country your users are and the OS they're using.

Top PPI rates

Monetize all over the world

Expand your range activity. Sitting in your favorite chair, you can distribute your product all over the globe and get paid every time it is successfully installed, no matter where its installation origin is.

Our premium advertisers take advantage of getting paid for the installations that occur in more than 200 countries across the globe.

Broad real time analytics

You can access quickly and easily your actionable insights and performance through more than 30 data levels, which are based on server 2 server postback.

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Tailor-made solutions for any traffic

Taking into account the type of your content, we implement relevant features like our installation program, downloader, or landing pages. We cover everything, so it's up to you what type of traffic to monetize. Our most cost-effective solutions are designed for:

  • Streaming sites
  • Music websites
  • Software web portals
  • All content that can be downloaded

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Compatible with Windows and Mac

You don't need to worry about our features compliancy with your product versions for Windows and macOS because our installer and downloader are compatible with both operating systems.

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Online brand safety management

You are in charge of your brand safety, and it so easy! You can decide what permissions and limits to set, what offers to block or unblock, and manage other security settings right in the dashboard.

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