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We offer you a great variety of options to choose software and landing pages from, providing the option of using your own alternatives as well. You'll see that making money is a breeze - you're provided with your personal link, choose traffic sources and networks where you want to distribute it on, and get profit from each successful installation.

Specify your requirements and expectations inside your unique link:

  • Customizing prices for every source in S2S
  • Rotation and A/B testing of landing pages
  • 24/7 scanning with Google Safe Browsing
  • Rotation of software and choosing individual matches for every SubID
  • Selecting solutions according to a country,OS, browser

If you can adjust everything without our help, you are welcome to do it by yourself!

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High converting landing pages

You can choose from a great variety of landing pages ready for use that fit almost any category, type of traffic, and software. And, of course, you can use your own pages as well. Auto-optimisation will help you monitor A/B testing results of the selected landing pages that our system carries out.

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Exclusive distribution of our offers

With the help of the exclusive distribution of our own offers, we provide unique customization features and ensure the highest rates on the market - up to 90% of the profit share from the installation costs.

Working with us you'll get:

  • Custom installer designed for large sources
  • Highest conversion rate - up to 90% of profit share
  • Integration of API

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Earn by referring to Mediaru

You can increase your earnings even more with almost no effort at all! What you need to get extra profit is to find new partners for us. You simply refer to Mediaru and get 10% for life of the revenue of the partners you found for life.

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Owners of websites
  • Software developers
  • Affiliates
  • Browser extensions
  • Traffic sources

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Chatbot quick insights

We have a chatbot that can help you get updates concerning how your things are going at any time. Our bot is available 24/7, which means, no matter what your time zone is, you can find out how many downloads you've got, what the best performing offer is, and other useful insights, which you can get not even being in front of your computer.
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