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About Mediaru

Mediaru is a leading advertising and analytics platform that ensures smart marketing solutions for distribution and monetization of software, applications, and browser extensions.

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Our mission

We strive for providing the most efficient integrated solutions and tools both for small businesses and for large companies. We realize what a challenge is for our partners to find and choose the right monetization and distribution solutions for their products. Thus, in addition to their main business tasks, they have to care about delivering the right results to fit a specific audience they want to reach.

Keeping the above-mentioned in mind, we've decided to provide developers with a unique solution that allows them to focus on developing their awesome software, while we take care of all the infrastructure needed for delivering top results. That's what we do.

Mediaru team

Mediru would have never been the company it is now without our team of skilful and forward-thinking experts in development and marketing.

Each team member is a highly qualified expert in a certain field and perfectly manages to get things done individually. But we also enjoy making things together! Working as a team, we appreciate everyone's working style, but at the same time, we create an ecosystem where everyone feels comfortable. This way, we share ideas, acquire problem-solving, critical thinking, and organizational skills together — that's how we grow our expertise and design outstanding solutions.

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All of us spend most of the time at work. Thus, we strive for creating a well-balanced space where you can create, get inspired, and boost both professional and personal skills. With us you can expect:

A legendary soccer player Pele once said, "A lot of people, when a guy scores a lot of goals, think, 'He's a great player', because a goal is very important, but a great player is a player who can do everything on the field. He can do assists, encourage his colleagues, give them confidence to go forward."

We do 'assists.' We encourage each other. We are a team with a confidence to go forward. Let's reach big goals together!

Our open positions

Front-End Developer

Full-time position

- 1+ уxperience with HTML5, CSS, SASS, and JavaScript

- web development of client-side appls

- pages using REST API, AngularJS framework, and D3.js.

AngularJSNodeJSReact Apply now

UI/UX & Web Designer

Full-time position

- 5+ years of web design experience (app is a plus)

- support of the projects of our fast-growing company

- ready to start as soon as possible.

DesignPrototypingUI/UX Apply now

Data Scientist

Full-time position

- 3+ years of relevant professional experience

- work in our incubation team of data scientists to collaborate on new soultions

- create a distribute data organization using big data solutions

DataStatistics Apply now