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Software monetization

All you have to do is do not bother about anything and concentrate on what you do best — create superior products. We will provide all the rest. Learn more

Users engagement

A product without a user is just a waste of precious resources. Start your advertisement campaign with us, and we'll boost your install rate and ROI with our AI algorithms. Learn more

Search monetization

Get paid for every search query performed by your users in your app, website, or browser extension by implementing a search box fast and easily. Learn more

Complete toolset
for software monetization

Working with us, you'll get outstanding opportunities to recognize the full potential of your product, providing your customers with additional values. We take care of all the process, so no worries about implementation, compliance, or ensuring brand safety. Learn how it works

Convert searches into earnings

Derive benefit from enriching your product with a custom-designed search bar. Implement it and get paid each time your users perform searches on the web through it, as well as get valuable insights for further analytical purposes. Learn more here

Software monetization
standard of new generation

Tired from continuous searching for a reliable monetization partner over and over again? Join us and forget about your worries! You'll get the highest weekly payouts, your personal manager for your account, and thorough real-time analytics. GET STARTED

Win new users via the most efficient acquisition channels

Nowadays, designing product, no matter how outstanding its concept is, doesn't mean it'll be successful. We help our customers to engage the right users exactly when they need them. Thus, you can forget about paying for clicks, views, and impressions, as you'll pay only for successful installs of your product. Learn more here

Start your dream job

Are you a passionate and dedicated specialist looking for new opportunities for career growth? Join Mediaru team where you'll be able to demonstrate your skills, creative ideas, and true passion personally and as a part of the team.

Working from 8 to 5? No way. Those days are over. We've designed a balanced ecosystem where our team members have everything to work efficiently, stay motivated, get inspired, and innovate at their pleasure.

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